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Money Topics

Dream Well

We get closer to our dreams for the future—and so do our kids—when we set financial goals.

Money Tips to Achieve Your Dreams

  1. Save money.
  2. Cut back on spending.
  3. Budget so you keep track of your money.

A Financial Goal

A financial goal is a money target you’re aiming for.

Short- and Long-Term Financial Goals

A short-term financial goal is a goal you can usually accomplish in less than one year. A long-term financial goal is a goal you can usually accomplish in five years or more.

Steps to Pursue a Financial Goal

  1. Name your financial goal.
  2. Make a plan with a timeline to meet your goal.
  3. Work toward your goal.
  4. Evaluate your progress.
  5. Make changes to your plan if you’re hitting obstacles.

How Setting Financial Goals Helps You Pursue Your Dreams

  1. You can use money intentionally rather than impulsively.
  2. You can plan so you’re using your money to pursue your interests.

Money Topics for Parents:

12 Key Financial Topics to Cover With Your Children and Teens.