Workshop Leader Topic E - Earn Well

Earn Well

Give parents and youth time to think about how they
earn money and the jobs that fit them best.

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Workshop 1 - Earn Well

Parent Topic - Earn Well

Earn Well

Getting paid for products and services gives us a sense of accomplishment. The same goes for children and teens.

Ways Children and Teenagers Can Earn Money

  1. Getting an allowance.
  2. Earning money through simple jobs.
  3. Getting a part-time job (teens only).

A Job That Pays Wages

  • The job pays you an hourly rate.
  • You can earn more money with overtime with a job that pays wages.
  • You rarely get benefits with a job that earns wages.

A Job That Pays a Salary

  • A job with a salary pays you a monthly or annual rate.
  • You cannot earn more money by working overtime with a job that pays a salary.
  • You may get bene

Tip - Earn Well - Tip 3

Tip 3

How can I support you in earning money?

Tip - Earn Well - Tip 2

Tip 2

What do you think of the way you earn your money?